Multiscreen Management Solution for PayTV

Today’s fast-moving multiscreen environment requires state of the art technology and standards that meet the needs of consumers and operators alike. ACCESS Twine helps reshape the TV landscape towards an intuitive, secure, integrated multi-device experience.

Anytime. Anywhere.

ACCESS Twine™ meets consumer needs
Consumers today desire access to content anytime, anywhere. With ACCESS Twine operators can cater to consumer needs: discover Pay TV content and services on the device of their choice, whenever they want, wherever they are. With an average of 6+ devices per UK household operators can only succeed when providing multiscreen services that support a wide range of browsers, operating systems, screen sizes and specifications. In turn, this service – by now a consumer expectation - increases loyalty while creating a gateway to the future of content consumption.

Secure. Standards-based.

ACCESS Twine™ meets operator needs
ACCESS Twine provides operators with a software solution that meets consumer needs for simplicity and universal multiscreen content access while managing the studios’ security demands. It is standards-based, enabling devices to be interoperable and seamlessly support consistent consumer experiences, which increase loyalty, reduce churn and win new customers. The essential support for diverse Conditional Access (CA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) alongside flexible UI technologies provides a robust multiscreen security solution.

Flexible. Integrated.

ACCESS Twine provides flexible software modules
ACCESS Twine works for set-top boxes (STB), digital TVs, home gateways, smartphones, tablets, network attached storage (NAS) boxes and more. The solution is available as a client for STBs, mobiles and tablets or as a Home Gateway package. The head-end server side components facilitate the control of subscriber rights. It integrates seamlessly with your existing operator infrastructure such as subscriber management, analytics and premium content security systems.

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ACCESS Twine Summary


Multiscreen video sharing and content access

Pre- Integration of CA and DRM systems facilitating the control of in-home video content sharing.

Domain and device management

Enabling operators to manage device authorizations, including concurrent devices and remote access as well as create managed domains regardless of device and security specifications. Delivers personalized use experience across multiple screens.

Tracking and logging

Delivers logging and tracking data for targeted advertising, improved services and increased revenue.

Meta data aggregation for enhanced content discovery

Video content discovery and playback on mobiles, tablets and operator branded devices.

ACCESS Twine service diagram

Standards based for maximum interoperability

Deliver content to the widest range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and game consoles both in and out of the home.

Device SDKs for home gateways, STBs, tables and smartphones

Enabling sharing of TV content to any screen as well as new consumer services such as PlayTo, Best of Internet Video and remote access to PVR and personal content.

Benefits for Operators:
Solving the fragmentation issue

Reduce churn, win customers

ACCESS Twine is an independent module. It provides a single point of authorization and device control regardless of the CA/DRM solution deployed. It enables the seamless delivery of content to managed and unmanaged devices. ACCESS Twine enables full control over the user experience, from device discovery to the user interface. The global search functionality completes the unified consumer experience. It keeps users in the broadcasters environment while accessing their favourite TV shows, recorded material or personal content.

Generate more advertisement revenue

ACCESS Twine integrates standards-based technology to facilitate advertisement insertion and analytics, enabling monetization in a multiscreen environment. Video metadata content aggregation can help operators provide additional content tailored to the consumer’s viewing habits.


Track and analyse consumer behaviour

To satisfy studio requirements for content sharing, ACCESS Twine provides advanced logging and tracking of video consumption. Independent of the middleware, the solution can collect usage information that allows operators to better understand the consumer through data analytics.


Reduce cost

ACCESS Twine fully supports industry technology standards such as HTML5, DLNA, VidiPath (CVP-2), DTCP-IP and Hybrid TV Standards such as HbbTV and Hybridcast. This enables operators to deliver content to the widest range of devices with reduced application development cost. The solution can also leverages the benefits of broadcast systems by converting streams to unicast for in-home distribution to consumer devices.

Supported Standards and Integrated modules

ACCESS Twine combines cloud-based device and domain control with ACCESS’ award winning DLNA certified technology component NetFront™ Living Connect, which has been extended with new modules to control and monitor video distribution. With the integration of external security systems such as DTCP-IP and Microsoft PlayReady, as well as support for the new DLNA Commercial Video Profile-2 (CVP-2) guidelines and third-party CA and DRM, the solution offers the security and media sharing framework that operators need to deliver content securely to connected devices. The integration of NetFront™ Browser NX as an optimized HTML5 User interface engine ensures that ACCESS Twine is ready to meet today’s requirements for fast service deployment and easy integration of online services. The solution also complies with the content industry’s security requirements.

ACCESS Twine includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android and iOS mobiles and tablets as well as easy to use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Content Management, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and CA/DRM middleware, enabling it to drive and control media sharing in the connected home.

Available Solution Components

ACCESS Twine Video Package

Complete software solution for headless and headed media gateways and set-top boxes. It provides content publishing and streaming features for Live TV, whole home DVR and personal content to both managed and unmanaged devices. The software provides well-defined integration points as well as logging, tracking, domain and device control features.

Major technologies and features:

  • Live TV distribution with whole home PVR/DVR recordings access
  • High performance meta data indexing
  • CVP-2 support
  • HTML5 Remote User interface
  • DLNA/UPnP certification ready
  • CA/DRM integration API
  • DTCP-IP link layer protection
  • Seek and trick mode support
  • Media parser for more than 120 file types
  • Secure communication with Twine Server

ACCESS Twine Clients Package

Available for iOS, Android and as an embedded SDK for set-top boxes and TVs. An optimized, high performance HTML5 client, with support for various broadband TV standards, can also be provided for target devices that don’t include HTML support.

Major technologies and features:

  • Digital media player, controller and renderer
  • Upload-download controller
  • DTCP-IP Link layer security
  • HTML5, CVP-2, and HbbTV compliant web browser
  • Authentication and security features

ACCESS Twine Cloud Package

The server includes an integration API to connect with existing subscriber management and CA/DRM systems to complement and extend the existing operator multiscreen use cases. Connected to ACCESS Twine Gateway and Client Solutions it provides advanced device and domain control and facilitates advertisement insertion and video meta data aggregation.

Major technologies and features:

  • Operator management console for logging, tracking, domain and device control
  • Single consumer login for device authentication and control
  • Access to operator’s on-demand catalogue and external video services
  • Scalable, flexible architecture based on Websockets, SSL, HTML5, CSS, HTTP and REST

Use Cases

Pay TV Operator use cases

Consumer use cases


About ACCESS Europe GmbH

ACCESS Europe is a provider of software solutions for connected TVs, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets and more devices in the connected home, cloud TV, automotive, digital publishing and networking markets. Headquartered in Oberhausen (Germany), the company is committed to becoming the market leader in DLNA/home networking solutions, HTML5/video graphics and user interface engine solutions and OTT (over-the-top) platforms. Learn more about ACCESS Europe here.


ACCESS has built upon its heritage as a mobile internet pioneer to deliver robust and powerful solutions to operators, CE device manufacturers, OEMs and middleware vendors, enabling increased revenue in a multiscreen environment while delivering rich experiences to consumers. ACCESS solutions have shipped in over one billion devices around the world. The company has its global headquarters in Tokyo (Japan) and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Mothers’ Index, 4813). It operates subsidiaries and affiliates in Asia, Europe and the United States. Learn more about ACCESS CO. LTD here.

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