The Multiscreen Solution for Operators
and Content Owners

Running a profitable, successful service means to do more than just setting up a technically sound solution. It means continuous optimization in terms of increasing revenues and reducing costs. ACCESS Twine™ multiscreen technology helps to overcome critical challenges, which are shown in detail below.

Benefits for operators and content owners

ACCESS Twine™ enables operators to leverage their content services the most desirable content solution for their subscribers. This includes all kinds of content sources, be it public, private or premium content. It provides a way for operators to answer the plurality of other video services to increase user experience and customer loyalty by avoiding application hopping. Content monetization and service profitability are perfectly supported by ACCESS Twine™, as it provides all possibilities of building a highly differentiated unique selling proposition compared to other services and of creating a one-stop solution for all contents by integrating 3rd party services into the operator offering.

In order to increase revenue, the service should attract new customers and satisfy the end-users expectations. ACCESS Twine™ is the perfect tool to provide the information needed to understand their consumer base better by setting up a customer intelligence system, creating, transferring and storing relevant usage data of media consumption, behavior and the most popular devices and allows analytics on this data.

ACCESS Twine™ helps to reduce churn and increase customer loyalty by enabling the operator to understand the end-user needs better. The operator service can benefit in multiple ways by using Twine modules, e.g.:

- content aggregation
- aggregated search
- “follow-me” functionality / place-shifting

ACCESS Twine™ enables operators to optimize the user experience as all desired contents and information can be accessed from one single service.

Furthermore, new revenue streams can be generated when knowing the consumer desires and usage behavior in more detail, e.g. targeted advertisements and campaigns. These can be integrated by ACCESS Twine™ in many ways, like banners, pre-rolls or mid-rolls, etc. In addition, ACCESS Twine™ eases up the integration of further services to the operators’ proposition, no matter whether they are own cross- and up-selling offers or the integration of 3rd party external services, like VoD/OTT offerings, including prominently placing the according brands. Enabling these functionalities lead into an increased service reach when they are based on the customers’ desires.

ACCESS Twine™ also supports operators and content owners in preserving their investments by providing secured media access and enabling secured multiscreen media sharing. Additionally, by pre-integrating Conditional Access / Digital Rights Management solutions the latest security requirements of the studios can be adhered to by operators. While Twine™ is CA/DRM technology agnostic it is open to be integrated with any of such systems, including Microsoft PlayReady®, Verimatrix VCAS® and ViewRight™ technologies.

Finally, optimization of costs is a ubiquitous task ACCESS Twine™ can help operators to address. It helps to overcome the issue of device fragmentation as its SDKs are available for all major OSes, be it desktop or mobile. Additionally, operators benefit from ACCESS’ wide experience of the consumer electronics market having deploying on more than 1.5 billion devices.

Furthermore, by enabling multiple content sources accessed from a single operator service joint marketing initiatives can be enabled. Hence, the individual costs per party can be reduced in contrast to addressing the same customer group separately.

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Use Cases

Operator use cases

Consumer use cases

Feature highlights & advantages

ACCESS Twine™ helps consumers
to find the desired content

ACCESS Twine™ provides modules to apply content aggregation and aggregated search. Content aggregation gives the consumer the ability to see all contents available independent of source, aggregated search provides an easy way to find the desired content across all integrated content providers within the operators offering. ACCESS Twine™ supports all kinds of content sources, be it public, private or premium, and supports all kinds of media, be it live or on-demand, and can integrate additional 3rd party content portfolios.

ACCESS Twine™ provides seamless
multiscreen solutions

ACCESS Twine™ extends traditional multiscreen solutions by providing true “follow-me” functionality, also known as place-shifting. This enables the end-user to change the displaying screen during playback and the content will continue exactly at the same position on the new destination. Thus, content can follow a consumer from room to room.

ACCESS Twine™ supports content owners /
operators security requirements

ACCESS Twine™ allows the integration of diverse security mechanisms from link protection (DTCP-IP), over Conditional Access (CA) to Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, e.g., Microsoft PlayReady®, the Verimatrix VCAS® and ViewRight™ technologies, to provide a security level that matches the studios’ security requirements. This leads to a robust end-to-end protection of the contents and a consistent consumer experience over all the devices in a household.

ACCESS Twine™ provides flexible
software components

ACCESS Twine™ consists of complementary components working together as device based and as cloud based components. The device based software is available for set-top boxes (STB), digital TVs, home gateways, smartphones, tablets, network attached storage (NAS) boxes, personal computers and more, while the cloud based software provides the central services for domain, user, device & security management, provisioning, content management, usage data logging and analytics, etc.

ACCESS Twine Summary

Device based components

- Twine Gateway
- Twine Server
- Twine Client

Supported devices:set-top boxes (STB), digital TVs, home gateways, smartphones, tablets, network attached storages (NAS), personal computers, etc.

Supported OS: Embedded Linux®, Google® Android®, Apple® iOS™, Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® macOS® / OS X®


Cloud based components

- Twine Management Service
- Twine Content Service
- Twine Data Service
- Twine Dashboard

Separate & Complementary Modules (Add-Ons)

- CVP-2 / VidiPath
- Conditional Access / Digital Rights Management
- Remote Access
- Cloud Content Metadata search & management

ACCESS Twine service diagram


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